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   ou've decided you want a website, First you need a Domain Name and Webhosting space to store the files and scripts that make up your website. We can deliver affordable, feature-packed reliable web hosting that will fit your website needs now and beyond, up to 3 hours Minor website administration is included in yearly hosting prices.

   Generally, we quote Website Hosting on a per client basis with website design, since prices are always in flux and "feature sets" are always increasing.
Overview of Average Rough costs outlined below:

  • Personal Website Hosting Available - non-dedicated IP, 5 email, 10GB transfer (Call)
  • Business Website Hosting w/ Plenty of room for growth and features galore - 300MB storage, Dedicated IP, 20gb transfer/mo, 10+ emails, FTP access, CGI bin, PHP, 1MySQL Database +more. Expect about $360/year
  • Commerce Enabled - Many factors affect this choice, the Advanced Hosting above will support most shopping sites and have room for lots of products, as long as the webmaster knows how to compress images. There are additional charges and initial considerations, SSL available for your domain name, setup charges for setting up a shopping cart, cost of shopping cart system, cost of customizing system for your product offerings and cost of "filling" the store with products.

   Ready to begin? We'll take you from a-z as fast as possible and handle all the details you are vague about.
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