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   Video Cards
  Qty. Description Condition Price
  1 ATI Mach64 GT - 2MB PCI Video Card -PN 1023820300 (Gateway pn#VIDPCI025AAWW) Sys. Pull* $20.00
  1 ATI Mach64 GX -2MB PCI video card -chipset: 210888GX00 (pn#102-25505-20, 1994)
Card Dimensions: 7" x 4"
Sys. Pull* $17.50
  1 ATI Mach64 2MB PCI video card (Gateway pn#VIDPCI010ABWW, 1996) Card Dimensions: 5.75" x 3.25" Sys. Pull* $20.00
  1 Diamond Stealth 2MB PCI video card S3868 Sys. Pull* $22.50
  1 S3 Virge/GX 2MB PCI Video Card- upgradable, chipset: Q5C4BB Card Dimensions: 5.875" x 4" Sys. Pull* 20.00
  3 STB/3Dfx Voodoo2 1000 3D Accelerator 12MB PCI Add-on Video Card. New SVGA loopback cable included. Sys. Pull*
Like New
  1 Express TV Capture Video Card (AZTV54115240)- Capture video from your TV, VCR or any other source. 16 bit ISA, 1 RCA Video Out, 1 Audio out, 1 Antenna, Users Guide, 26pin VESA Ribbon Cable, Audio connector, Win3.1/95 Driver disc, Must have compatible VGA card. (click for list in new window) Used $20.00
  4 SNK S3 Virge/GX 2MB PCI Video Card- 1 S Video in, 2 Audio out, 2 RCA jacks. 30-pin internal connector.Card Dimensions: 10" x 4". This card has no software or drivers but will give output using the newest S3 Virge GX chip drivers. Some research/hacking may be required to access other functions that this card appears to have. New $28.00
  1 Jaton TV to PC PCI Adapter Card (TV2PCAV2) 00000341- 1 S Video in, 1 RCA video in, 2 Audio in(left&right), 1 Audio out, Cable TV.
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: 1) Blaze 3D or Video-77-3D and Video-67series Video Card(all made by Jaton). A Good place to search for those cards is here or Google.com. 2) PC with an unoccupied PCI slot.
MANUALS: PDF and/or MSWord (right click, save target as...)
NOT INCLUDED: 26-pin Pass-through Ribbon Cable, PCTV software on 3.5” HD Diskette, Optional audio cable (sound card bypass).
Card Dimensions: 4.75" x 3.5"
Used $20.00
  1 eVGA - e-TNT2 Vanta Nvidia 16MB PCI Video Card - 128 bit nVidia Twin Texel Engine, 32bit True Coklor Rendering and Z-Buffer, Full OpenGL ICD For Win9x/ME/NT4/2000
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: PCI 2.1 compliant Bus slot, 32mb system memory, Win9x/ME/NT4/2000
(retail box)
   Computer MotherBoards
  Qty. Description Condition Price
  1 Socket 7 ATX Motherboard- Gateway replacement part # MBDSAC062AAWW ,Intel 430vx "mailman" motherboard, 3 ISA, 3 PCI, 2 DIMM slots, integrated audio and video, No Processor, No Wires, No Manual or Drivers (takes 75-200 pentMMX)
Board Dimensions: 9.5" x 12"
Sys. Pull* $40.00
  Qty. Description Condition Price
  2 Creative Labs v.90/56k PCI modem - DI5630 internal modem w/Voice & Speaker in Retail Box New $59.95
  Qty. Description Condition Price
  1 Hewlett Packard Laser Jet 5n- 10Base-T network-ready printer, top is yellowed with a few scratches, 600 x 600 dpi. 60 day warranty. Used -checked out by technician $259.95
   Misc Computer Parts
  Qty. Description Condition Price
  1 Intel Pentium II 300Mhz. SLOT 1/ SECC processor Sys. Pull* $55.00
  1 Intel Pentium II 400Mhz. SLOT 1/ SECC processor Sys. Pull* $75.00
  2 Promise Ultra66 PCI Controller Card Sys. Pull* $28.95
  2 UDMA/Ultra 66 Ribbon Cable - 80 conductor New $8.95
  3 Crystal Sound Card - ISA CS4235 chipset New $13.95
  27 Gateway LPX Riser Card - ISA to 1 ISA and 2 PCI. P/N 4000272,
Includes 90 day Warranty (call for qty price)
Sys. Pull* $25.00
   CD/DVD/MP3 Players
  Qty. Description Condition Price
  1 Hewlett Packard 48x CDRom Drive w/Grey Bezel) (Mitsumi - Model CRMC-FX4821T - 30 Day Warranty (very clean) Used $27.50
  2 MPStar MP3/CD Player (not portable) -Stand-Alone MP3/CD Player - NO PC REQUIRED! Slim Compact Design! Plays MP3 Files from CD, CD-R Media (sorry, cd-rw media not supported) New $99.00
  1 Samsung 8x DVD Rom Drive -DVD-Master 8E, Model SD-608 w/CyberLink PowerDVD software CD Sys Pull from New System $65.00
  1 Samsung 8x DVD Rom Drive -DVD-Master 12E, Model SD-612 w/CyberLink PowerDVD software CD Sys Pull from New System $65.00

All Inquiries can be made 8-5pm EST Mon. thru Fri.
by Phone: 607-965-8552 or 24 hrs. a day by email: esdigitalden@tattoozone.com

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*Sys Pulls are "working pulls". This means they were removed from functional new or used systems.
They were cleaned(if necessary), tested, and come with a 30 day warranty unless otherwise specified.